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Github repoitiry for XML files and Reader App for the D.C.

The Open Law Platform empowers you to focus on high-value tasks, auto-updates the legal code as laws become effective, and improves how you connect with citizens.

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Open Law Draft

Open Law Draft

A smarter way to draft better laws.
Reduce repetitive tasks so you can focus on the big things.

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Open Law Codify

The fastest most accurate way to codify your laws.
Don’t wait months when you don’t have to wait at all.

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Open Law Publish

Publish your laws without onerous copyright restrictions.
Support innovation with computer-friendly formats.

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Customer Spotlight

Washington DC Seal

Washington, D.C.

With over one hundred years of laws, hundreds of ordinances passed each year, and a city council dedicated to improving every facet of government, it became clear that the process of codifying and publishing laws needed an upgrade. The result was

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Covid-19 Update

As our government partners work to rapidly address COVID-19 in their communities, Open Law Library is committed to codifying and publishing any emergency laws within 24 hours.

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