The Expectation of Technology in Government is Changing

Government employees and citizens expect technology to make their governments better.

“95% of local government officials believe they have the responsibility to keep pace with ever changing technology.”

— Vision Internet

“The expectation of these millennials in terms of government services is something we have to acknowledge and adjust to.”

— Samir Saini, Atlanta Chief Information Officer

Technology Improves How You And Your Constituents Interact With The Law

Success means that you get to focus on high-value tasks, your laws are updated in real-time, and citizens can interact with laws in innovative new ways.

Technology has changed everyone’s expectations for how things should work. Governments seek solutions that will make them more efficient and allow themselves to focus on things that can better serve their constituents. Citizens hope that the technology that has transformed their lives will help them interact with their governments and contribute in meaningful ways.

This is the age of technology-powered government. And with it comes three key principles.

First, automation means that government employees can reduce the amount of repetitive tasks, whether it’s answering frequently asked questions or correcting commonly made mistakes, freeing them up to focus on difficult, high-value tasks that improve the quality of government.

Second, “on time” no longer means days or weeks, it means “as things happen”. Smart systems give government key information that is required to make important decisions, and automatically notifies citizens as situations develop.

Finally, closed systems are replaced with open systems, making it easier for departments to interact with each other and creating the foundation for creative innovations to flourish.

Now mix this with lawmaking.

Imagine a drafting assistant that is smart enough to identify all the common formatting, style, and substance mistakes that happen when multiple stakeholders draft a law together. An assistant that frees up hundreds of hours of your time so that you can focus on doing the big, important things that can really make a difference.

Imagine if your laws could be incorporated into the legal code themselves. Automatically. Immediately when they become effective. Instead of batches of updates every quarter and weeks and weeks of waiting time, your laws can be codified as they become effective. That is “on time” law.

Imagine innovative new tools that you’ve always wanted but thought were out of reach. Leverage the skills of your citizens by making your laws computer-readable and free of onerous copyright restrictions. Empower them to create new tools for you and for them.

At Open Law Library, we believe in technology-powered government that improves the way you and your constituents interact with the law. With this belief we built the Open Law Platform.

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