When people look at your laws online, what do they see? Does the styling match your government’s online presence? Or are your laws presented with the styles your publisher selected? Is it branded with the government’s logo or with a software company’s logo?

What about the website address for your online publication?  Is the name of your municipality the first thing users see when they read the URL?  How many “dots” and “slashes” appear before your municipality’s name?

It is harder than ever to trust what we read on the web today. If the design and branding of your digital laws do not match that of your government’s website, citizens will always question whether they are viewing accurate and authentic versions of those laws.

The Open Law Platform gives the power of presentation back to governments!

Our designers work directly with government representatives to create a digital law library for your laws that truly captures your government’s web presence.  Municipalities can select the logos, color scheme and font-style they want so that laws present as a true extension of the official government website.

Additionally, with Open Law Library, governments own the domain that hosts the digital law library so that the municipality’s name, and not the name of a software company, is what stands out in the URL.

Take back your design so that when constituents look at your codes and ordinances online there is no doubt that they are looking at a primary, official representation of your government’s laws.

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Contact us so that we can show you how our designers can adapt your law website to your government official branding.