Imagine if you could view the law exactly as it was written at any specific point in time with just a click. No more sifting through long volumes and pocket parts! No more going down the rabbit hole of legal research or trying to decipher a maze of obscure annotations! Just select the date you want and know for certain that you are looking at the law exactly as it existed on that date.

With the Open Law Platform you can do just this!

Unlike other platforms, which arbitrarily determine when it is time to create a new publication, the Open Law Platform checks for changes to the law each morning at 12:01 AM and creates a new historical version every time a new ordinance is adopted and/or becomes effective. At the same time, all previous historical versions remain fully accessible to the public in perpetuity.

This means that users can simply select the historical version that coincides with the date in question and know for certain they are looking at the law exactly as it was written on that date!

Further, with Open Law’s compare tool, users can compare different versions of the law and see exactly what changed between any two dates.  This makes it easy for users to keep up with changes to the law without having to track legislative sessions or read through verbose and complicated ordinances.

(c) Communicable diseases on the attached “Non-Quarantinable Diseases” list in Section SAF.04.07 are not covered by this Ordinance unless there is a declared State of Emergency specifically identifying the disease.

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Not just as it exists today, but also as it existed in years past.

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