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(Editor’s Note: The image accompanying this article originally appeared online at StateScoop alongside the original article. It is reprinted here with permission. Any errors in misprinting should be assumed to be ours. Thank you for contacting us with any errors.)

StateScoop interviews David regarding the work done at Open Law Library:

Open Law Library’s mission is to improve access to legal data for both governments and the public. We accomplish our mission by building software for governments that makes it cost effective to generate and capture human- and computer-readable legal data at scale.

Every year, governments generate millions of pages of laws and regulations and law-related items like department policies, operational procedures, permitting forms, and legal interpretations. When this information is easily accessible and interlinked and searchable, it eases intra-governmental communication, makes possible intergovernmental flow of best practices, and can help the public better understand and interact with their governments. Despite all these benefits, most legal materials, if they are available at all, are scattered across many websites in formats that are not easily searchable, linkable, or computer readable — they are not published as legal data.

Check out the full interview at StateScoop.

About Open Law Library

Open Law Library modernizes the lawmaking process; empowering governments to focus on high-value tasks, auto-updates the legal code as laws become effective, and improves how governments connect with citizens.